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Introductory Judging Course

Athletes - Coaches - Parents!!

Interested in becoming a gymnastics official?? This course if for you. Click below for information sheet and registration information.

Optional Clinic - June 7th

Dear Clubs,

  Just a reminder of the upcoming Optional Clinic on June 7th at OSSG. If you have a Level 5 or 6 gymnasts that was invited I still need an entry form for them as well. Attached below is the entry form. I need all entires in by May 15th.
Thank you,
Ashley Lyons
Clinicians announced!!!!

Bob Oullette- Head coach and owner of Docksiders Gymnastics in Maryland.

John Wojtczuk- Coach at ENA Gymnastics NJ. NJ-USA Gymnastics 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Way to go Rhode Island!!!

Congratulations to all the 2015 Level 7 & 8 Regional Competitors.
Level 7 All Star
Samantha Hafner- GRI
Level 7 Super Team
Emily Ford -Pres- 6th on Fx
Ally Murry- Pres
Rachel Gosselin- OSSG
Brooke Robistow- OSSG- 4th on V
Hannah Schofield- Dream Big
Mikela Loyola- East Bay- 5th on FX
Breck Smith- Aim High- 5th on V
Level 8 Super Team
Ashley St. Laurent- OSSG- 5th on UB, 1st on BB, 3rd AA
Mia Slade- Aim High- 1st on V, 6th AA
Katie Kern- OSSG
Hailey Johnston- OSSG
Isabella Kaczmarzyk- Aim High- 6th on V, 6th on UB
Lauren Toland- Aim High- 2nd on V, 4th on FX
Xiomara Jennings GRI
Level 8 State Team
Caleigh Caruolo- Aim High
Mya Pina - East Bay
Justine Delmastro- New Generation
Taylor Borges- Aim High- 5th on UB
Mallorie Link- WDGA
Karlee Cournoyer- SKG
Meghan Oliver- East Bay- 5th on V
Kaidy Cornell- SKG
Congratulations to all the Level 9 & 10 RI Gymnasts who qualified and competed at 2015 Regional Championships.
Level 10 Results:
Taylor Champagnone- Aim High - Participant
Candis Kowalik- WDGA- 7th on V & 7th AA - Qualified to Nationals
Stephanie Nademlynsky- Aim High- Participant
Jordan Peloquin- Aim High- 4th on FX
Taylor Worthington- Aim High- 2nd on V, 1st on BB, 4th AA- Qualified to Nationals
Level 9 Results:
Hyla Betts- Aim High- Participant
Avery Bernier- Aim High- 6th on FX
Alison Dibiase- New Generation- 4th on V, 2nd on UB, 4th on BB, 2nd on FX, 2nd AA- Qualified to Easterns
Emma Humphrey- Aim High- 7th on UB
Sydney Lopez- OSSG- 3rd on UB, 1st on FX, 4th AA- Qualified to Easterns
Elizabeth Myrus- OSSG- 2nd on V, 6th on UB, 6th AA- Qualified to Easterns
Elinor Sheridan- Aim High 6th on V
Alyssa Worthington- Aim High-  6th on V, 1st on BB,1st on FX, 1st AA- Qualified to Easterns