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2015-2017 SAC Nominations

The 2015-2017 SAC Nominations are going on now. All current Rhode Island USA Gymnastics professional members received an email with nomination information. If you did not receive an email please contact

Thank you

Introductory Judging Course

Athletes - Coaches - Parents!!

Interested in becoming a gymnastics official?? This course if for you. Click below for information sheet and registration information.

Optional Clinic - June 7th

Dear Clubs,

  Just a reminder of the upcoming Optional Clinic on June 7th at OSSG. If you have a Level 5 or 6 gymnasts that was invited I still need an entry form for them as well. Attached below is the entry form. I need all entires in by May 15th.
Thank you,
Ashley Lyons
Clinicians announced!!!!

Bob Oullette- Head coach and owner of Docksiders Gymnastics in Maryland.

John Wojtczuk- Coach at ENA Gymnastics NJ. NJ-USA Gymnastics 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Way to go Rhode Island!!!

Congratulations to all the 2015 Level 7 & 8 Regional Competitors.
Level 7 All Star
Samantha Hafner- GRI
Level 7 Super Team
Emily Ford -Pres- 6th on Fx
Ally Murry- Pres
Rachel Gosselin- OSSG
Brooke Robistow- OSSG- 4th on V
Hannah Schofield- Dream Big
Mikela Loyola- East Bay- 5th on FX
Breck Smith- Aim High- 5th on V
Level 8 Super Team
Ashley St. Laurent- OSSG- 5th on UB, 1st on BB, 3rd AA
Mia Slade- Aim High- 1st on V, 6th AA
Katie Kern- OSSG
Hailey Johnston- OSSG
Isabella Kaczmarzyk- Aim High- 6th on V, 6th on UB
Lauren Toland- Aim High- 2nd on V, 4th on FX
Xiomara Jennings GRI
Level 8 State Team
Caleigh Caruolo- Aim High
Mya Pina - East Bay
Justine Delmastro- New Generation
Taylor Borges- Aim High- 5th on UB
Mallorie Link- WDGA
Karlee Cournoyer- SKG
Meghan Oliver- East Bay- 5th on V
Kaidy Cornell- SKG
Congratulations to all the Level 9 & 10 RI Gymnasts who qualified and competed at 2015 Regional Championships.
Level 10 Results:
Taylor Champagnone- Aim High - Participant
Candis Kowalik- WDGA- 7th on V & 7th AA - Qualified to Nationals
Stephanie Nademlynsky- Aim High- Participant
Jordan Peloquin- Aim High- 4th on FX
Taylor Worthington- Aim High- 2nd on V, 1st on BB, 4th AA- Qualified to Nationals
Level 9 Results:
Hyla Betts- Aim High- Participant
Avery Bernier- Aim High- 6th on FX
Alison Dibiase- New Generation- 4th on V, 2nd on UB, 4th on BB, 2nd on FX, 2nd AA- Qualified to Easterns
Emma Humphrey- Aim High- 7th on UB
Sydney Lopez- OSSG- 3rd on UB, 1st on FX, 4th AA- Qualified to Easterns
Elizabeth Myrus- OSSG- 2nd on V, 6th on UB, 6th AA- Qualified to Easterns
Elinor Sheridan- Aim High 6th on V
Alyssa Worthington- Aim High-  6th on V, 1st on BB,1st on FX, 1st AA- Qualified to Easterns